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Through the years, I have got lots of question about classical and/or my website. I have therefore created this list. Please read this before you e-mail me your question.

bulletWhere can I find a certain recording?

Go to the MDT website and do a search. Go to MDT. This is where I go to find my recordings. If this doesn't help you, then I can't help you.

Btw, here is my most asked for recording: Irish fantasy on the Continuum label

bulletWhere can I find a certain book?

I get my books from several sources. If you are looking for books about Elgar, then I recommend the Elgar Birthplace museum website. They try to stock every book and CD about Elgar. You can reach them here.

For other music books, I recommend Play and Amazon.

If you can't find the relevant book on these websites, send me an e-mail.

bulletI am looking for sheet music. Can you help me?

Not really. I do not perform music myself, so I have little knowledge of what's available or where to find it.

 If you are looking for Elgar sheet music, you can try the Elgar Birthplace museum.

bulletI can't find a certain recording or it's deleted, can you send me a CD-R copy?

No, I can not. My recordings are not for sale either.

bulletWho is your favourite mail-order company for classical music?

My definitive favourite is MDT in the UK. I have used them for over 10 years, and they have never let me down. I can also recommend CDON (if you are within the Nordic countries) and the Amazon websites. Play also have some classical music and a fair selection of classical music DVDs.

bulletWho are you?

I am a married Norwegian man with a great interest in classical music. I live outside the city of Bergen on an island called Sotra. Feel free to get in touch with me if you live around here and want to talk music.

bulletDo you anwer all your e-mails?

No, I am afraid not. I do not have the time to answer all my e-mails. That is why I have made this faq.

bulletCan you make a link to my website from yours?

Sure I can. As long as it's a classical music website, that is. Send me an e-mail with your details. In return, I would like you to make a link to my website.

bulletI do not find the answer to my question in this faq. What do I do?

You can either sign my guest book or send me an e-mail with your question.

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