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The best of me


The best of me - A Gerontius centenary companion

Geoffrey Hodgkins, editor.

Foreword: Richard Hickox
Introductions: Geoffrey Hodgins

Part I: Before Elgar

bulletJohn Norris: John Henry Newman - a short biography
bulletJohn Henry Newman: The complete words (including General Gordon's Gerontius markings)
bulletRobert Carballo: Newman as a librettist: Towards a non-didactic peotry of dogma

Part II: The composition of a Masterpiece

bulletJohn Norris & Ann Vernau: The places that inspired
bulletDora Powell: Birchwood, in summer, 1900
bulletCharles E McGuire: One story, two visions
bulletAndreas Friesenhagen: An English oratorio as pathfinder
bulletSources of manuscripts, sketches and proofs

Part III: The struggle for survival

The Birmingham premiere - a selection of contemporary reviews

bulletJ A Fuller Maitland: In some ways a beautiful work
bulletE A Baughan: Music that speaks to the heart
bulletWilliam Bennett: A memory from the choir
bulletArthur Johnstone: A new kind of musical eloquence
bulletMrs Richard Powell: The first performance of Gerontius
bulletGareth H Lewis: Hans Richter and Gerontius
bulletLewis Foreman: Elgar and Gerontius - the early performances
bulletDavid Burry: Ludwig Wüllner & the Westminster Gerontius

Part IV: The intervening years

bulletThe musical times: A remarkable musical event
bulletA J Sheldon:  I go to mass
bulletHarvey Grace: A re-evalution after thirty-five years
bulletNeville Cardus: Genius, original and final
bulletF Bonavia: The greatness of Gerontius
bulletT Martin Jones: The illustrated Gerontius

Part V: The recorded legacy

bulletWalter Essex: A comparative review
bulletJohn Knowles: A Gerontius discography
bulletCarl Newton: The nightmare of Gerontius
bulletJohn Barbirolli: The dream of Gerontius - a personal note

Part VI: Performing Gerontius today

bulletElgar's advice to Nicholas Kilburn and Gregory Hast
bulletEdgar Day: Interpreting Gerontius
bulletJohn Kelly: Gerontius in Istanbul
bulletAlan Tongue: Gerontius in Budapest
bulletMichael Kennedy: After 100 years
bulletAn universal welcome - an annex of recent performances


Elgar Editions. First published October 1999.

ISBN 0 9537082 0 9. Total 384 pages

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