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The Cambridge companion to Elgar

Edited by Daniel Grimley and Julian Rushton

bulletDaniel Grimley and Julian Rushton: Introduction
bulletJeremy Dibble: Elgar and his British contemporaries
bulletRobert Anderson: Elgar and his publishers
bulletChristopher Kent: Magic by mosaic: some aspects of Elgar's compositional methods
bulletDiana McVeagh: Elgar's musical language; the shorter instrumental works
bulletRobin Holloway: The early choral works
bulletByron Adams: Elgar's later oratorios: Roman catholicism, decadence and the Wagnerian dialectic of shame and grace
bulletJohn Butt: Roman catholicism and being musically English: Elgar's church and organ music
bulletDaniel Grimley: "A smiling with a sight": the chamber music and works for strings
bulletJulian Rushton: In search of the symphony: orchestral music to 1908
bulletChristopher Mark: The later orchestral music (1910-34)
bulletJ. P. E. Harper-Scott: Elgar's unwumbling: the theatre music
bulletTimothy Day: Elgar and recording
bulletJenny Doctor: Broadcasting's ally: Elgar and the BBC
bulletAidan Thomson: Elgar in German criticism
bulletCharles Edward McGuire: Functional music: imperialism, the Great War, and Elgar as popular composer

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Published by Cambridge university press in 2004. ISBN 0-521-53363-5. Total pages: 255

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