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Elgar Studies


Elgar Studies

Raymond Monk, editor

bulletSir Yehudi Menuhin: Foreword
bulletEditor's preface
bulletPeter Dennison: Elgar's musical apprenticeship
bulletIan Parrot: Elgar's harmonic language
bulletMichael Pope: King Olaf and the English choral tradition
bulletPercy M. Young: Friends pictured within
bulletMichael Kennedy: Elgar the Edwardian
bulletRobert Anderson: Elgar's Magus and Projector
bulletDiana McVeagh: Elgar and Falstaff
bulletK E L Simmons: Elgar and the Wonderful Stranger - music for The Starlight Express
bulletRonald Taylor: Shaw and Elgar
bulletMichael Kennedy: Some Elgar interpreters
bulletJohn Knowles: A select Elgar discography
bulletJerrold Northrop Moore: Envoy
bulletIndeces, including index of Elgar's music

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Published by Scholar press 1990. ISBN 0-85967-810-5. Total Pages: 260

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