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Oh, my horses!


Oh, my horses! Elgar and the Great War

Lewis Foreman, editor


bulletAndrew Neill: Elgar's War: From the diaries of Lady Elgar, 1914 - 1918.

Part 1: Life & Times: Elgar and music in England, 1914 - 1918.

bulletJeremy Dibble: The death of a culture - Germany and British music before 1914.
bulletLewis Foreman: The winnowing-fan: British music in wartime.
bulletBernard Porter: Elgar and Empire: Music, nationalism and the war.
bulletStephen Lloyd: Bournemouth: A microcosm of musical England
bulletAndrew Neill: Elgar's creative challenge 1914 - 1918.

Part II: Elgar's music in wartime

bulletJohn Norris: The spirit of Elgar: Crucible of remembrances
bulletLewis Foreman: A voice in the desert: Elgar's war music
bulletAndrew Neill: Starlight and fan: Escape and reality in wartime
bulletCharles A Hooey: An Elgarian tragedy: Remembering Charles Mott
bulletJoseph A Herter: Solidarity and Poland: Elgar's opus 76
bulletBrian Trowell: The road to Brinkwells: The late chamber music

Part III: Reference section

bulletMartin Bird: An Elgar wartime chronology
bulletThe accompanying CD

Elgar Editions. First published November 2001

ISBN 0 9537082 3 3. Total pages: 512

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