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Music and litterature


Sir Edward Elgar - Music and literature

Raymond Monk (editor)

Introduction: E Wulstan Atkins

bulletDiana McVeagh: A man's attitude to life
bulletChristopher: The apostles - some thoughts on the early plans
bulletIvor Keys: The apostles - Elgar and Bach as preachers
bulletRobert Meikle: The true foundation: The symphonies
bulletMichael Kennedy: The soul enshrined: Elgar and his violin concerto
bulletChristopher Kent: Falstaff - Elgar's symphonic study
bulletIvor Keys: Ghostly stuff - The Brinkwell's music
bulletPercy M Young: Elgar and the Irish dramatists
bulletChristopher Grogan: Elgar, Streatfeild and The Pilgrim's Progress
bulletRobert Anderson: Fyrst the nobel Arthur
bulletBrian Trowell: Elgar's use of literature
bulletRonald Taylor: Music in the air - Elgar and the BBC

Scholar press. First published 1993.

ISBN 0 85967 937 3. 368 pages.

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