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A special flame


A special flame - the music of Elgar and Vaughan Williams

John Norris & Andrew Neill (ed.)

bulletMichael Kennedy: Elgar and Vaughan Williams: A 21st century celebration.
bulletAndrew Neill: "It looks all wrong, but it sounds all right". The social background to the life and music of Elgar and Vaughan Williams.
bulletClaire-Louise Lucas & Jonathan Darnborough: Dreamers of dreams - the songs of Elgar and Vaughan Williams.
bulletLewis Foreman: Battle songs & Elegies -  Elgar, Vaughan Williams & British music 1914 - 1918.
bulletByron Adams: What have we learnt from Elgar? Vaughan Williams and the ambivalence of inheritance.
bulletMichael Pope: Stanford, Elgar and Vaughan Williams - influences and reflections.
bulletHugh Cobbe: My dear Elgar. The letters of Elgar and Vaughan Williams.
bulletCharles McGuire: From The Apostles to Sancta Civitas. The oratorios of Elgar and Vaughan Williams.
bulletStephen Connock: Sheer early morning loveliness. Ralph Vaughan Williams and The Poisoned Kiss.
bulletRobert Anderson: Immemorial ind: Elgar's score for The Crown of India.
bulletEleven symphonies - do they travel If not, why not? Panel discussion with Byron Adams, Lewis Foreman, Charles McGuire, David Owen Norris, Andrew Neill.
bulletEvening concert
bulletContributor biographies
bulletNotes and references

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Published by Elgar Editions 2004. ISBN 0 9537082 9 2. Total pages: 186.

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