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Ken Russell's Elgar

There are not much Elgar on DVD so far. I only have one DVD that feature him or his music.

bulletKen Russel's Elgar. BFIVD 542. More info.

From the back cover of the DVD:

"Made at a time when much that is known about Elgar had yet to be published. Russel's film is remarkable for its sensitive portrait of the rise of a young musician from a relatively poor background to international fame. The film was also groundbreaking, in that for the first time the BBC relaxed its taboo on unsing actors in factual films, although Russel was only allowed to use actors if they appeared in long shot and spoke no dialogue. As Russel's tribute to music he loved, the film is evocative, visually superb and true to the elegiac nobility of Elgar's music."

This DVD also includes a commentary by Michael Kennedy and Ken Russel, footage of Elgar at the Three Choir festival, a live recording of Land of Hope and Glory, a stills gallery and director's biography.

This DVD is from the same series of films as Delius - song of summer.

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