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Church music


bulletAve Maria, opus 2 no. 2
bulletAve Maris Stella, opus 2 no. 3
bulletAve Verum Corpus
bulletBrother, for thee He died
bulletTwo double chants for Psalms
bulletTwo single chants for Venite
bulletA Christmas greeting, opus 52
bulletCredo in E-minor
bulletDomine Salvan Fac
bulletEcce sacerdos magnus
bulletFear not, O Land
bulletFour Litanies
bulletGive unto the Lord, opus 74
bulletGreat is the Lord, opus 67
bulletHymn tunes in G major and F major
bulletLo! Christ the Lord is Born
bulletO hearken thou', opus 64
bulletO mightiest of the Mighty
bulletO salutaris hostia
bulletPie Jesu
bulletSalve Regina
bulletTantum Ergo
bulletTe Deum and Benedictus, opus 34
bulletThey are at Rest

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