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bulletAfter many a dusty mile, opus 45, 3
bulletThe Angelus, opus 56
bulletAs torrents in summer
bulletFrom the Bavarian highlands, opus 27
bulletThe birthright
bulletDeath on the Hills, opus 72
bulletDeep in my soul, opus 53, 2
bulletEvening scene
bulletFeasting I watch, opus 45, 5
bulletFly, singing bird, opus 26, 2
bulletThe fountain, opus 71, 2
bulletGood morrow
bulletGo, song of mine, opus 57
bulletFive part-songs from Greek anthology
bulletGrete Malvern on a rcock
bulletThe Herald
bulletHow calmly the Evening
bulletThe Immortal legions
bulletI sing the birth
bulletIt's oh! to be a wild wind, opus 45, 4
bulletLeap, leap to the light
bulletLove, opus 18, 2
bulletLove's tempest, opus73, 1
bulletMarching song
bulletMy love dwelt in a Northern land
bulletO happy eyes, opus 18, 1
bulletO wild west wind, opus 53, 3
bulletOwls, opus 53, 4
bulletThe prince of sleep
bulletThe rapid streem
bulletThe reveille, opus 54
bulletSailing westward
bulletSerenade, opus 73, 2
bulletThe shower, opus 71, 1
bulletThe snow, opus 26, 1
bulletSo many true princesses who have gone (Choral ode)
bulletA song of union
bulletSpanish serenade, opus 23
bulletStars of the summer night, opus 23
bulletSword song
bulletThere is sweet music
bulletTo her beneath whose steadfast star
bulletThe wanderer
bulletWeary wind of the west
bulletWhen swallows fly
bulletWhether I find thee, opus 45, 2
bulletThe windlass
bulletThe woodland stream
bulletYea, cast me from Heigts, opus 45, 1
bulletZut, zut, zut

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