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Celestial music did the Gods inspire


Ode for a performance at Mr. Maidwell's school.

Anonymous author


Bass - chorus

Celestial music did the Gods inspire
When at their feasts Apollo touch'd his lyre.
Hence he by right the God of Wit shall be,
Whom sacred Music calls her Deity.


Her charming strains expel tormenting Care
And weakened natures wasted strength repair.


Thus Virgil’s Genius lov'd the country best
Where Music by each creature was exprest,
Under a Beech while Birds their Notes repeat,
And Crystal streams glide warbling by his feet,
With ease, great Rome, he does thy fame rehearse,
And so composes his harmonious Verse.

Duet - ritornello

Whilst Music did improve Amphion's song,
The wond'ring Stones in order danc'd along,
And Thebes was rais`d by Music's magic Art,
For it’s oft notes perform 'd the workman’s part.


When Orpheus sang all Nature did rejoice,
The Hills and Oaks bow'd down to hear his voice.
At their Musicians feet the Lions lay
And list’ning Tigers can forget their Prey.
His soft’ning Lyre did cruel Pluto move,
His music prov’d of greater pow’r than Jove.

Trio - chorus

Let Phyllis by her voice but charm the Air,
Philander's soul lies ravish’d in his ear,
Blessing the Nymph who can such pleasures give
And suffer him to enter Heav’n alive.


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