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From hardy climes


Ode for the wedding of Prince George of Denmark and Princess Anne

Full title: From hardy climes & dangerous toils of war

Anonymous author


Bass - chorus - ritornello

From hardy Climes and dangerous Toils of War,
Where you for Valour unexampled are,
Where you on Honour look’d when you were young,
As bold as Eagles gaze upon the sun,
Hall, welcome Prince, to our benigner Isle,
Where stars denouncing gentler battles smile
On your arrival which portend you’ll prove
As happy as victorious in your Love.

High tenor - duet - ritornello

As Fame, Great Sir, before you ran
And told her story ere you came,
But falter’d as she set it forth,
For who can reach immortal worth;
So doubtless back again she flew
To paint the beauties now you view,
But in the draft as ill espressed,
The wonders you have since possessed.
For since Heaven pleas'd th’almighty work to take
And framed the two did the first wedding make;
We sing the pair (by that great Pattern taught),
Nature has nearest that perfection wrought.

Bass - chorus – ritornello

Wake then, my Muse, wake Instruments and Voice
To celebrate the Joys of such a choice,
Whose loves unsullied meet with such delight
As our grandparents fir’d at the first sight.

Tenor - ritornello

The Sparrow and the gentle Dove
(Sacrifices fit for love)
Roses sweet and Myrtle bring,
Beauties of the blooming Spring,
Into sacred Garlands twine
To offer up to Venus' shrine,
That the pleasures they possess
May still increase and still be fresh,
And by a more exalted love
Each happy hour to come improve.

Trio – ritornello

So all the Boons indulgent heav’n design’d
To show’r on those whom Holy hands have joined,
Illustrious Pair, shall on your heads be shed
And easy make your consecrated Bed,
Where mutual passions shall preserve desires
As sacred as the Vestals kept their Fires.

Soprano - chorus

Hence without Scheme or Figure to descry
Events to come from your Nativity,
Do we foretell as ev'ry King that reigns
Through Europe shares the Blood that fills your veins;
So shall the race from your great loins to come
Prove future Kings and Queens of Christendom.


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