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Now does the glorious day appear


An Ode on the Queens Birth-Day, Sang before their Majesties at Whitehal. By Tho Shadwell


Chorus: ritornello

Now does the glorious day appear,
The mightiest day of all the year.

Tenor & bass

Not any one such joy could bring,
No, no, not that which ushers in the spring.
That of ensuing plenty hopes does give,
This did the hope of liberty retrieve.

Tenor: ritornello

This does our fertile isle with glory crown,
And all the fruits it yields we now can call our own,
On this bless’d day was our restorer born;
Far above all let this the calendar adorn

Chorus: ritornello

Now does the glorious day appear,
The mightiest day of all the year.


It was a work of full as great a weight,
And did require the self-same power,
Which did frail humankind create,
When they were lost them to restore.
For a like act, Fate gave our Princess birth,
Which adding to the Saints, made joy in Heaven,
As well as triumph upon Earth,
To which so great, so good a Queen was given.

Alto: ritornello

By beauteous softness mixed with majesty,
An empire over every heart she gains;
And from her awful power none could be free,
She with such sweetness and such justice reigns.

Two basses

Her hero too, whose conduct and whose arms
The trembling Papal world their force must yield
Must bend himself to her victorious charms,
And give up all the trophies of each field.

Soprano, alto & tenor

Our dear religion, with our law's defence,
To God her zeal, to man benevolence;
Must her above all former monarchs raise.
To be the everlasting theme of praise.

Tenor: ritornello

No more shall we the great Eliza boast,
For her great name in greater Mary's will be lost.


Now, now, with one united voice
Let us aloud proclaim our joys
"Iô Triumphe" let us sing,
And make Heaven's mighty concave ring.


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