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Fly bold rebellion



Quintet - ritornello – bass - chorus

Fly, bold rebellion, make haste and be gone!
Victorious in counsel great Charles is returned,
The plot is displayed and the traitors, some flown
And some to Avernus by Justice thrown down.
Then with heart and with voice Prepare to rejoice,
All you that are loyal and true:
They nobly contend
Who maintain to the end
Those honours to Majesty due.

High tenor - ritornello – chorus

Rivers from their channels turned
Other plains and meadows bless,
And those tow'rs from whence they cease
Ruined lie and unadorned;
'Tis the Prince's presence graces
And his absence that defaces,
Seats of Monarchs naked look
By the Monarch once forsook,
For Majesty moves like the Season's bright King,
Appears and withdraws, restores and gives life
Both to places and men.

Bass – tenor - ritornello

lf then we've found the want of his rays,
Thank wicked Contrivance
And ambition as vain
That sought t'have shortened our Sovereign's days.
But Kings, like the sun, sometimes have their clouds
To make them shine more bright,
Their greatness exhales the vapour that shrouds
And seeks to eclipse their light.

Trio - ritornello

But Heaven has now dispelled those fears
And here once again our Monarch appears,
The delight of our eyes
To try if his subjects at length will grow wise.

Alto - tenor - bass - chorus

Come then, change your notes, disloyal crowd,
You that already have been too loud
With importunate follies and clamours;
‘Tis no business of yours
To dispute the high powers,
As if you were the government framers;
But with heart and with voice
Join all to rejoice
With welcomes redoubled to see him appear,
Who brings mercy and peace
And all things to please
A people that knew not how happy they are.

Alto - ritornello

Be welcome then, great Sir, to constant vows
Of loyalty never to vary more.
Welcome to all that obedience owes
To a Prince so mild and gentle in pow'r.

 Septet - chorus

Welcome to all those wishes fulfilled
That thrones of monarchs firmly build,
Welcome to all the blessings of a long reign; 
Thus united duty pray and never pray in vain.


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