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Sound the trumpet, beat the drum



High tenor – bass - chorus

Sound the trumpet, beat the drum,
Caesar and Uranius come
Bid the Muses haste to greet 'em,
Bid the Graces fly to meet 'em
With laurel and myrtle to welcome them home.

High tenor - chorus

Crown the year and crown the day
White distant shores their tribute pay,
While never-failing Thames shall glide
With treasures and pleasures renew'd by each tide.
To Caesar all hail, unequall’d in arms,
To Urania all hail, unequall'd in charms.

Alto - high tenor – ritornello

Let Caesar and Urania live,
Let all delights the stars can give
Upon the royal pair descend,
Let discord to the shades be driven,
While earth and sky our song attend,
And thus our loyal vows ascend:
O, O  preserve them, Heaven!

Tenor - bass - chorus

What greater bliss can Fate bestow,
While Caesar rules these isles
And bright Urania smiles?
The spheres above no better sway can show,
Jove is Heav'ns Caesar, Caesar Jove below.
With plenty surrounding and loyalty sounding
Io paeans of joy,
We'll pay our devotion
To the monarch of Britain and lord of the Ocean.



While Caesar like the morning star
Our British sphere shall grace,
No more alarms of rebel war
Shall Albion's beauteous soil deface.
His arms did first the rebel host confound,
His godlike mercy next the conquest crowned.
His fame, like incense, mounts the skies,
While never, never more to rise
Pride and Discord headlong go
Down to the deep abyss below.

Alto – tenor – bass: sextet: chorus

To Urania and Caesar delights without measure,
With empire no trouble, and safety with pleasure;
Since the Joys we possess to their goodness we owe,
'Tis but just our best wishes like that should o'erflow.


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