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Ye tuneful muses


Welcome song for King James II

Anonymous author


Duet – ritornello - chorus

Ye tuneful muses, raise your heads,
No longer droop and mourn,
Shake off that lethargy which has so long
Enfeebled all your nervous raptures of heroic song.
Phoebus, that did your breasts inspire,
At length vouchsafes his all-enliv’ning fire,
Again his pow'rful influence on you sheds;
Again the God, bereft of whose kind light
So long you mourned the comforts of the day,
Has put a period to your fright.
And blest you with his joyful ray.
This point of time ends all your grief
In bringing Caesar it has brought relief.    

High tenor - chorus - ritornello

Be lively then and gay,
All signs of sorrow chase aw
Be cheerful as the patron of the day
After a gloomy night's gone by
And not one cloud obscures the glorious sky.

Bass - chorus

In his just praise your noblest songs let fall,
And let 'em be immortal all
As the fame hes won,
The wonders he has in battles done,
In which he did no danger shun.
But made his name co-lasting with the sun.
Try, try every strain'
Excite ev’ry vein,
Tune all your strings to celebrate
His so much wish’d return;
To welcome home the best oftings
And make him welcome as the general joy he brings.

Ritornello - tenor- chorus

From the rattling of drums and the trumpet's loud sounds
Wherein Caesar's safety and his fame abounds,
The best protectors of his royal right
Gainst fanatical fury and sanctified spite,
By which he glory first did gain,
And may they still preserve his reign.


To music's softer but yet kind
And pleasing melody,
Music, from care and danger free,
Music, the sweet unbender of the mind,
To Music and to love he comes.

Alto - ritornello

With him he brings the partner of his throne,
That brighter jewel than a crown,
In whom does triumph each commanding grace,
An angel mien and matchless face!
There beauty its whole artillery tries,
Whilst he who ever kept the field
Gladly submits, is proved to yield
And fall the captive of her conquering eyes.


Happy in a mutual love
May they each other longpossess,
May ev’ry bliss still greater prove,
And ev'ry care grow less;
May fate no revolutions bring,
But what may all serenely move,
Glorious as heaven from whence they spring
And gentle in its darling, Love.

High tenor - chorus

Whilst in music and verse our duty we show,
And though we can never pay all that we owe,
Yet all we can raise,
Our little mites we humbly throw
Into the boundless treasury of their praise.


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