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King Arthur
Indian Queen

in the UK has released most of Purcell's choral and vocal music, and I have most of these CDs. For complete listings of all of their CDs, please go to the Hyperion home page.  

Robert King has conducted over 20 CDs of Purcell's music on Hyperion, and they are all definitive recordings. You can't go wrong if you buy any of his CDs.

bulletHyperion CDS 44031/8 (8CD), The complete odes and welcome songs. More info

This CD box includes all of Purcell's surviving odes and welcome songs, a total of 24. They are for a several occasions. Some are for royal "happenings", several for St. Cecilia's day and other things. There are also great variation among the odes regards to the size of the orchestra and length. This box are highly recommended, and they include very much beautiful music. Every Purcell fan must have this box!

bulletHyperion: The complete anthems and services, on 11 single CDs, all at full price. 

Volume 1    Volume 2    Volume 3    Volume 4    Volume 5    Volume 6    Volume 7    Volume 8 Volume 9    Volume 10    Volume 11

I have all of the CDs in this serie, and they are all very good. All of the CDs has long playing time. 

bulletHyperion: The secular solo songs of Henry Purcell. Volume 1   Volume 2    Volume 3

These CDs includes most of Purcell's songs. Many of these songs are very famous, but there are also many gems waiting to be explored. Each of the CD includes 25-30 songs, so there are many to choose from. These CDs are highly recommended.

bulletHyperion CDA 67001/3: The complete ayres for the theatre, 3CD. More info

This 3CD includes most the instrumental music from Purcell's plays. It can be much if you listen to everything at once, but it worth having. It's much good music there, and the performances are very good.

bulletVirgin Classics VC 5 45062 2, full price. The fantazias and In nomines. More info

This CD has some wonderful instrumental music on it. Purcell has made some great fantazias and In nomines, and they get a wonderful treatment by Fretwork on this recording. This is maybe the best recording of this music, and it's highly recommended. I would not be without this CD!

bulletDecca 433 163-2 . The Fairy queen (2CD). Various soloists, Ambrosian opera chorus and English chamber orchestra, conducted by Benjamin Britten. Total 95:47.

There are several major differences between these two recordings. The Britten set is more that 30 minutes shorter that the Naxos set. Today it would be of no interest to perform the complete Fairy queen, so Peter Pears suggested that Britten should make a shortened version. This version works very well, and it's a very good performance. There are many great names in this cast (Pears, Brannigan, Shirley-Quirk and James Bowman, with Britten conducting). Both recordings are very good, but I would prefer the Britten. Probably because it's Britten whose conducting (I am a great fan of him).

Coming soon:


Music for Queen Mary. Sony SK 66243. More info


Complete sonatas and pavans etc. Chandos CHAN 0572/3, 2CD. More info


Love's Goddess sure was blind etc. Collins 14252. More info


Hark how the wild musicians sing. Hyperion CDA 66750. More info


King Arthur. Glossa GCD 921608. More info

bullet The Indian Queen on Decca 475 052-2. More info

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