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Z1 Awake, put on thy strength
Z2 Behold, I bring you glad tidings
Z3 Behold now, praise the Lord
Z5 Blessed are they that fear the Lord
Z8 Blessed is he whose unrighteousness is forgiven
Z9 Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord
Z10 Blow up the trumpet in Sion
Z11 Bow down thine ear, O Lord 
Z15 Hear my prayer, O Lord
Z16 In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust
Z17 a/b In the midst of life
Z18 It is a good thing to give thanks
Z19 I was glad when they said unto me (verse anthem)
    I was glad when they said unto me (full anthem)
Z20 I will give thanks unto thee, O Lord
Z21 I will give thanks unto the Lord
Z22 I will sing unto the Lord
Z23 Let God arise
Z25 Lord, how long wilt thou be angry? 
Z26 Lord, who can tell how oft he offendeth?
Z27 Man that is born of a woman
Z28 My beloved spake
Z29 My heart is fixed, O God 
Z30 My heart is inditing
Z31 My song shall be always
Z32 O consider my adversity
Z33 O give thanks unto the Lord
Z34 O God, the king of glory, 
Z35 O God, thou art my God
Z36 O God, thou hast cast us out
Z37 O Lord God of hosts
Z38 O Lord, grant the kind a long life
Z39 O Lord our governor
Z42 O praise God in his holiness
Z44 O sing unto the Lord 
Z47 Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me
Z48 Praise the Lord, O my soul, O Lord my God
Z49 Rejoice in the Lord alway
Z50 Remember not, Lord, our offences
Z51 Save me, O God
Z55 The Lord is my light
Z57 They that go down to the sea in ships
Z58 a/b Thou know'st, Lord, the secrets of our hearts
Z58c Thou know'st, Lord, the secrets of our hearts
Z59 Thy righteousness, O God, is very high
Z60 Thy way, O God, is holy
Z61 Thy word is a lantern unto my feet
Z62 Turn thou us, O good Lord
Z63 Unto thee will I cry, O Lord
Z65 Why do the heathen so furiously rage together?
ZN66 If the Lord himself
ZN68 Praise the Lord, ye servants
ZD4 O God, they that love thy name

Domestic sacred music

Z102 Domine non est exaltatum cor meum
Z130 Ah! few and full of sorrow
Z131 Beati omnes qui timent Dominum
Z133 Hear me, O Lord, the great support
Z134 In guilty night (Saul and the Witch of Endor)
Z135 Jehova, quam multi sunt hostes
Z140 O, I'm sick of life
Z182 Awake, ye dead (Hymn upon the Last Day)
Z184 Close thine eyes and sleep secure
Z191 Let the night perish (Job's Curse)
Z192 Lord, what is man?
Z193 Now that the sun hath veiled his light (An Evening Hymn)
Z196 Tell me, some pitying angel (The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation)


Z230 Service in B flat major
Z231 Evening Service in G minor
Z232 Te Deum and jubilate in D major


Z241 An ape, a lion, a fox and an ass
Z250 God save our sovereign Charles
Z253 Here's that will challenge all the fair
Z257 Is Charleroy's siege come too?
Z259 Let us drink to the blades
Z261 Now England's great council's assembled (A catch made in the time of Parliament)
Z263 Of all the instruments that are (A catch for three voices in commendation of the viol)
Z270 Room for th'express
Z273 Sir Walter enjoying his damsel
Z278 The surrender of Limerick
Z282 To all lovers of music
Z284 True Englishmen drink a good health to the mitre
ZD107 Well run, Tom, boy


Z320 Arise, my Muse
Z321 Celebrate this festival
Z322 Celestial music did the gods inspire
Z323 Come, ye sons of art, away
Z324 Fly, bold rebellion
Z325 From hardy climes and dangerous toils of war 
Z326 From those serene and rapturous joys
Z327 Great patent, hail
Z328 Hail, bright Cecilia 
Z329 Laudate Ceciliam
Z331 Love's goddess sure was blind
Z332 Now does the glorious day appear
Z333 Of old when heroes thought it base (The Yorkshire Feast Song)
Z334 Raise, raise the voice
Z335 Sound the trumpet, beat the drum
Z336 Swifter, Isis, swifter flow
Z337 The summer's absence unconcerned we bear
Z338 Welcome, welcome, glorious morn
Z339 Welcome to all the pleasures
Z340 Welcome, vicegerent of the mighty king
Z341 What, what shall be done in behalf of the man?
Z342 Who can from joy refrain?
Z343 Why, why are all the Muses mute?
Z344 Ye tuneful Muses, raise Y-r heads 
ZD120 Address of the Children of the Chapel Royal to the King

Secular vocal music

Z353 Ah! how pleasant 'tis to love
Z367 Cupid, the slyest rogue alive
Z370 From silent shades (Bess of Bedlam)
Z374 How I sigh when I think of the charms of my swain
Z382 I love and I must (Bell Bar)
Z390 Let each gallant heart
Z392 Love arms himself in Celia's arms 
Z395 Love's power in my heart shall find no compliance
Z396 Love, thou can'st hear
Z397 More love or more disdain I crave
Z403 O how happy's he who from bus'ness free
Z406 O solitude, my sweetest choice
Z408 Phillis, I can ne'er forgive it
Z413 She loves and she confesses too
Z414 She that would gain a faithful lover
Z420 Sylvia, now your scorn give over
Z421 The fatal hour comes on apace
Z422 They say you're angry (The Rich Rival)
Z426 Urge me no more 
Z441 Who can behold Florella's charms?
Z464 Gentle shepherds, you that know
Z472 What hope for us remains now be is gone?
Z490 Haste, gentle Charon (Orpheus and Charon)
Z491 Has yet your breast no pity learn'd? (Strephon and Dorinda)
Z492 Hence, fond deceiver (Love and Despair)
Z494 How great are the blessings of government made
Z506 Oh! what a scene does entertain my sight
Z508 See where she sits
Z510 Soft notes and gently raised accent
Z5i8 What can we poor females do?
Z524 While you for me alone had charms (Horace and Lydia)
Z525 Why, my Daphne, why complaining? (Thyrsis and Daphne)
Z541 Hark, Damon, hark
Z542 Hark how the wild musicians sing
Z543 How pleasant is this flowery plain
Z544 lf ever I more riches did desire
Z545 In a deep vision's intellectual scene (The Complaint)
Z547 We reap all the pleasures
ZS69 Sweet tyranness, I now resign my heart

Theatre works

Z570 Abdelazer
Z571 A Fool's Preferment
Z572 Amphitryon
Z574 Bonduca
Z575 Circe
Z577 Distressed Innocence
Z578 Don Quixote
Z581 The Sicilian Usurper (Richard III)
Z583 Oedipus
Z589 Sir Barnaby Whigg
Z590 Sophonisba 
Z592 The Double Dealer
Z593 The Double Marriage
Z594 The English Lawyer 
Z597 The Gordian Knot unty'd
Z600 The Libertine
Z603 The Married Beau
Z604 The Massacre of Paris
Z606 Theodosius
Z609 The Rival Sisters
Z611 The Virtuous Wife
Z626 Dido and Aeneas
Z627 Dioclesian
Z628 King Arthur
Z629 The Fairy Queen
Z630 The Indian Queen
Z631 The Tempest
Z637 Timon of Athens

Keyboard music

Z660 Suite no. 1 in G major
Z661 Suite no. 2 in G minor
Z662 Suite no. 3 in G major
Z663 Suite no. 4 in A minor
Z665 Suite in C Major
Z666 Suite no. 5 in C Major
Z667 Suite no. 6 in D major
Z668 Suite no. 7 in D minor (Bell Bar)
Z669 Suite no. 8 in F major
ZT680 Chacone in G minor
ZT681 Ground in C minor
ZT682 A new Ground in E minor
Z716 Verse in F major
Z717 Voluntary in C major
Z718 Voluntary in D minor
Z719 Voluntary for double organ in D minor
Z720 Voluntary in G major
Z721 Voluntary on the 100th Psalm
ZD224 Ground in D minor
ZD229 Toccata in A major 
ZD241 Voluntary in C major
ZS126 Verse in the Phrygian Mode

Consort music

Z730 Chacony in G minor
Z731 3 parts upon a Ground
Z732 Fantasia no. 1 3 in D minor
Z733 Fantasia no. 2 3 in F major
Z734 Fantasia no. 3 3 in G minor
Z735 Fantasia no. 4 4 in G minor
Z736 Fantasia no. 5 4 in B flat major 
Z737 Fantasia no. 6 4 in F major
Z739 Fantasia no. 8 4 in D minor
Z740 Fantasia no. 9 4 in A minor
Z742 Fantasia no. 11 4 in G major
Z743 Fantasia no. 12 4 in D minor
Z745 Fantasia upon One Note 5 in F major
Z746 In nomine 6 in G minor
Z747 In nomine 7 in G minor
Z748 Pavan 3 in A major
Z749 Pavan 3 in A minor
Z750 Pavan 3 in B flat major
Z751 Pavan 3 in G minor
Z752 Pavan 4 in G minor
Z770 Suite in G major
Z771 Overture 4 in D minor
Z772 Overture s in G minor
Z780 Sonata in G minor
Z794 Trio sonata in A minor, 1683 no. 5
Z797 Trio sonata in G major, 1683 no. 8
Z798 Trio sonata in C minor, 1683 no. 9 
Z804 Trio sonata in A minor, 1697 no. 3 
Z809 Trio sonata in G minor, 1697 no. 8
Z811 Trio sonata in D major, 1697 no. 10 
Z860 March and Canzona
- Staircase Overture in B flat major 
- Fragmentary dances in Osborn MS

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