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Z320 Arise, my Muse

Z321 Celebrate this festival

Z322 Celestial music did the gods inspire

Z323 Come, ye sons of art, away

Z324 Fly, bold rebellion

Z325 From hardy climes and dangerous toils of war

Z326 From those serene and rapturous joys

Z327 Great patent, hail

Z328 Hail, bright Cecilia

Z329 Laudate Ceciliam

Z331 Love's goddess sure was blind

Z332 Now does the glorious day appear

Z333 Of old when heroes thought it base (The Yorkshire Feast Song)

Z334 Raise, raise the voice

Z335 Sound the trumpet, beat the drum

Z336 Swifter, Isis, swifter flow

Z337 The summer's absence unconcerned we bear

Z338 Welcome, welcome, glorious morn

Z339 Welcome to all the pleasures

Z340 Welcome, vicegerent of the mighty king

Z341 What, what shall be done in behalf of the man?

Z342 Who can from joy refrain?

Z343 Why, why are all the Muses mute?

Z344 Ye tuneful Muses, raise Your heads

ZD120 Address of the Children of the Chapel Royal to the King

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