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Z570 Abdelazer
Z571 A Fool's Preferment
Z572 Amphitryon
Z574 Bonduca
Z575 Circe
Z577 Distressed Innocence
Z578 Don Quixote
Z581 The Sicilian Usurper (Richard III)
Z583 Oedipus
Z589 Sir Barnaby Whigg
Z590 Sophonisba 
Z592 The Double Dealer
Z593 The Double Marriage
Z594 The English Lawyer 
Z597 The Gordian Knot unty'd
Z600 The Libertine
Z603 The Married Beau
Z604 The Massacre of Paris
Z606 Theodosius
Z609 The Rival Sisters
Z611 The Virtuous Wife
Z626 Dido and Aeneas
Z627 Dioclesian
Z628 King Arthur
Z629 The Fairy Queen
Z630 The Indian Queen
Z631 The Tempest
Z637 Timon of Athens

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