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01/07-2008: Updated my Dido & Aeneas page.

23/09-2007: I have created a blog

24/02-2007: Updated my classical music links

13/03-2005: I have created a frequently asked question page.

12/03-2005: Added lots of new CDs on all of my composer pages. Also added some Elgar books.

31/10-2004: Updated my Delius, Elgar, Purcell and Tippett pages with new CDs.

16/09-2004: Updated my Elgar pages with many new books. Created a DVD page and updated my Delius pages. Added a book and a new Dido on my Purcell pages.

12/04-2004: Updated my Elgar pages with new recordings and new Elgar links. Updated my Tippett pages with new recordings and updated links.

02/08-2003: I have deleted my BMS and Live site due to space restrictions. My Cecilia Bartoli and Barbara Bonney websites have been moved here.

01/08-2003: I have removed my essay site from steenslid.com due to space restrictions. They are now located here.

24/07-2003: I have added two recordings of Dido & Aeneas and book on my Purcell pages and a recording on my Hamilton Harty pages.

17/11-2002: I have updated my Delius pages. Have added a synopsis of A Village Romeo & Juliet.

06/10-2002: A major update to my Elgar pages. I have added my books and updated the CD review page with more CDs.

31/08-2001: Deleted some essays from my Norwegian section for school essays because I am running low on server space.

25/02-2001: Added a link page at my Hamilton Harty website.

09/02-2001: I have re-arranged my personal pages to save webspace.

06/02-2001: I have created a new guestbook because my old one was not functioning anymore. You can sign it here. 

20/12-2000: I have moved my website to a webhotel.

27/08-2000: I have completed the Elgar worklist.

24/08-2000: I have got my own domain! I am now at www.steenslid.com

20/05-2000: I have created an on-line CV.

12/05-2000: I have added many new Tippett links.

03/05-2000: I have removed some dead links, and added a few new ones.

22/04-2000: I have made a minor update to my Hamilton Harty pages.

17/02-2000: I have updated my photo gallery.

07/02-2000:  Some minor updated to my bio.

25/01-2000: I have added two new links. Did also some minor technical updates.

20/01-2000: I have updated my English bio.

10/01-2000: I have got http://tore.hivolda.no/ back online again after my practice period. This is now the main server, I have closed down my pages at Xoom.com.

28/11-1999: I have added more Henry Purcell lyrics.

13/11-1999: Now absolutely all pages in my website has been re-created.

07/11-1999: I have added page with some musical humour.

03/11-1999: I have added the librotto from The Indian Queen to my Purcell pages.

24/10-1999: I have added a complete list of Delius compositions.

23/10-1999: I have completely re-created my classical music website.

13/10-1999: I have re-created my essay website.

11/10-1999: I have given my website a new directory structure. I have turned each section of my website into their own Frontpage webs. It makes it much easier for me to maintain and update this site.

11/10-1999: I have re-created my personal pages.

09/10-1999: I have re-created my linkpages.

02/10-1999: I have added lots of new photos to my personal photogallery in the friends and 80s party sections. I have also added info to more CDs at Henry Purcell. 

30/09-1999: I have added a complete list of compositions to Henry Purcell

26/09-1999: I have added a new picture of Cecilia Bartoli.

12/09-1999: I have moved my school essays to another web. You can now locate them here.

12/09-1999: I have added more CDs to my Purcell and Bartoli pages.

06/09-1999: I have added links to Delius, Elgar, Purcell, Tippett and my classical link page.

02/09-1999: I have created a new frontpage to my personal pages.

26/08-1999: Completed scanning the Dido & Aenas covers.

17/08-1999: Added info about most of my Henry Purcell CDs.

15/08-1999: Added info about all my Tippett CDs.

14/08-1999: Added info about most of my Delius CDs.

13/08-1999: Updates have been made to Harty and Cecilia Bartoli.

11/08-1999: I have added more info about all of Cecilia Bartoli and Barbara Bonney's solo CDs. That includes the complete contents of the CDs.

04/08-1999: I have re-arranged and updated my personal photo gallery and the Cecilia Bartoli photo gallery. I am also in the prosess of adding more info about all of Cecilia Bartoli's CDs.

02/08-1999: I have added three new photos of Cecilia Bartoli.

19/07-1999: I have updated the big star page in my live music pages.

13/07-1999: I have added an article by Geoffrey S.W. Gaskell about Tippett's First Piano Sonata.

25/06-1999: Many photos to several galleries in my photo gallery

20/06-1999: I have added new family photos to my photo gallery.

15/06-1999: New photos of Cecilia Bartoli from Classic CD

09/06-1999: I have added guestbook links to most of my pages. I have also removed my site at http://student.hivolda.no/steento/ for the summer. I can't update it again until the Autumn so I think it's best to take it off the air.

07/06-1999: Jeg har lagt ut min eksamensoppgave for 2. sosionom, våren 1999.

03/06-1999: Checked and updated my links.

02/06-1999: I have joined the Classical Music Web Ring.

01/06-1999: Another update to my photo gallery. This time to the friends, Theresienstadt and Czech galleries.

30/05-1999: I have created a Michael Tippett photo gallery.

29/05-1999: Yet another update to my photo gallery. I added new photos in my the childhood, family and recent categories.

28/05-1999: I have added photos from Theresienstadt concentration camp in my photo gallery.

27/05-1999: I have added photos from my trips to the Czech Republic in my photo gallery.

26/05-1999: Another update to my photo gallery. I have added a page of photos from my national service.

25/05-1999: I have updated my photo gallery. I have added more photos in the recent and family pages. Have also added two sections, one  for photos from my trip to New York City and another one for various photos.

21/05-1999: I have added a search engine to my website. You can locate it several places around my site.

05/05-1999: I have created a photo gallery for Sir Edward Elgar. Have also updated my Purcell pages.

03/05-1999: I have finally got my own URL! You can now reach my own computer at http://tore.hivolda.no/.

27/04-1999: I have checked and updated my links.

24/04-1999: Added more photos at my Barbara Bonney photo gallery.

22/04-1999: I have updated my Delius pages by adding four pictures.

21/04-1999: I have added another essay to my essay pages.

19/04-1999: I have completely reorganised my photo gallery and also added more photos.

16/04-1999: My server (samson.stud.hivolda.no) has run out of space so I have moved my website to Xoom. 

15/04-1999: I have made a major update to my Barbara Bonney and Cecilia Bartoli pages.

02/04-1999: I have added a page with info about my website and how I have created it.

01/04-1999: I have made a major update to my essay pages by adding a lot of new essays. My Delius, Elgar, Purcell and Tippett pages have also been updated by the inclusion of lists of all my recordings of their music.

28/03-1999: I have completely reorganised my site. Most my pages have been moved and some files have changed names. Also a few minor updates. My biography has also been updated. Have added some new photos to my photo gallery too.

04/02-1999: I have created a page for essays and school reports. Norwegian only.

30/01-1999: I have updated my Barbara Bonney page with two new CDs.

29/01-1999: I have updated my Tippett pages. Have added many new CDs.

03/12-1998: I have fixed some technical errors and corrected and added some links.

28/11-1998: I have updated my biography.

14/11-1998: I have added a lot of new pictures at my photo gallery and completed a link check. 

07/09-1998: I have done a complete link check on my site, and removed and changed dead links. I am also proud to announce my own web server at http://tore.hivolda.no/ As it's on my own pc it will not be on-line all the time as I will need the bandwith for downloads. I have also updated my bios (English and Norwegian)

12/08-1998: I have uploaded new photos and also rearranged and moved the photo album.

25/06-1998: I have updated and rearranged my Elgar pages. I have added an article about Gerontius.

22/06-1998: I have made myself a mirror site (gone now...)

21/06-1998: I have updated my Tippett Personal thoughts page.

20/06-1998: I have rearranged my Tippett site and given it a new location.

19/06-1998: I have made an update to my Barbara Bonney page.

17/06-1998: I have removed my .mp3 song. I need my webspace for other things, and not many people are downloading it anyway.

01/06-1998: I have updated my Elgar pages. I have added six new photos and some text.

31/05-1998: I have finally got a proper bio in English. Read it here!

17/05-1998: I have added many new links to my Tippett page.

16/05-1998: I have updated my Elgar pages by adding two photographs cindly supplied to me by John Norris. I have also added several new links to my Purcell pages.

28/04-1998: I have spell checked all my music pages, and added some new links to my Tippett page.

22/04-1998: I have removed the LinkExchange banner from my front page.

17/04-1998: I have re-created the Purcell sound file. It's now of even better quality (a mp3 file of CD quality), but then it's a little bit bigger too (1,6 Mb). You can download it here.

31/03-1998: I have fixed my FrontPage and removed the Java header so the page will load faster. I made my own header instead.

29/03-1998: I have checked all my links and removed those not working. I have also started to spell check my pages. That is a work in progress, but it will soon be finished. BTW, I write UK English. I have also fully converted to MS FrontPage 98, with the exception of ftp'ing, where I still use ws_ftp.

27/03-1998: I have re-arranged my website into two parts. I have divided it into a personal homepage and a classical website. All my pages have the same URLs, with the exception of the main pages where the pages where linked from. This is an improvement I have ment to do for some time now. I have also added some new photos to my photo gallery. It has also been recreated. It has thumbnails instead of the old text links.

21/03-1998: I have added a new article on my Tippett page. This article gives us Stan Meares view on Tippett's operas.

15/03-1998: I have removed the Yahoo search window from my front page. It got too crowd so I needed to remove something.

25/02-1998: I have added a picture and a drawing of Sir Michael Tippett.

20/02-1998: I have finally added the Tippett/Bowen interview to my Tippett page. Follow this link to read it.

09/02-1998: I have added a mailing list to my site. If you join this list, I will inform you of updates or other news related to my site.

05/02-1998: I have updated from Winamp15 to Winamp17 in my audio file section.

27/01-1998: I have removed three performer pages (Fleming, Gheorghiu and Alagna). I have done so because I don't have time to develop them anymore and they was not very good as they was. I have also added hit counters on all my classical pages. That is the only way I can get statistics from my individual pages.

24/01-1998: I have finally got myself some new links. I deleted the old one and made a completely new one.

12/01-1998: I have removed my Bach and Händel pages. I was not pleased with them and I don't have time to work more with them. So, I decided it was best to remove them. I have also made a minor update on the Harty and Elgar pages.

09/01-1998: Because of the death of Sir Michael Tippett, I have made a major update to his page. I have added several pictures, many links and some writings.

06/01-1997: I have added a photo in my Barbara Bonney page and removed a dead link from the Renée Fleming page.

05/01-1998: I have updated my Elgar page. I have added a painting, a family tree and a drawing of the Birth place.

26/12-1997: I have re-created this page.

24/12-1997: I have restructured my entire website. Instead of having everything in the same directory, I have created subdirectories. This makes it much easier to maintain my website. You won't notice much difference, but I will.

22/12-1997: I have added a lot of new photos. See them here!

20/12-1997: The first What's new page was created.

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